Most Affordable Places To Live In Texas

There are few places in the United States or in the world as Texas. Mention of the name evokes certain images of the place. Country music. Western hats. A certain distinctive twang and drawl. Grilling. Heavy duty pickup trucks. Based on those tough dates, we came up with our own list, taking into account what the people themselves had to say. And here are the towns, cities, and suburbs that made it our list of the most affordable places to live in Texas.


The latest data also ranked Plano very positively, quietly slipping into the seventh place to live in the United States behind the Woodlands. With a population of 275000, Plano has one of the lowest crime rates in Texas, as well as some of the lowest taxes in the region. It boasts of being a great place to do business and it really does justice to the day.



Euless sees itself as a medium-sized city with a small-town spirit. We are not exactly sure whether a population of around 50,000 is enough to warrant the definition of a medium-sized city. What is certain is that the city between Dallas and Fort Worth is one of the greatest places in Texas. As in many other parts of the state, Euless is very diverse today, with large numbers of Hispanics and Asians alike. Outdoor lovers will be pleased to know that Euless has 18-hole championship golf course. There’s also a water park for the kids to lose themselves in, not to mention 300 acres of parkland. The unemployment rate is a measly 4 %, and the added benefit in a state where long distances are the norm is that Dallas is only half an hour away. A regular home in Euless goes for $ 200,000.

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College Station

College Station is somewhere in the heart of Texas, 100 miles each from Houston and Austin, with Dallas about 200 miles north. The city of 100,000 people takes its name of hosting the famous A&M University, one of the largest state universities. It has been accused of having a small town, but it turns out that it is precisely that feeling that got it ranked to one of the top city to live in America. As expected, it is incredibly diverse and the cost of living is reasonable and below the average. Texas is usually affordable, that’s for sure. But if you really want to cut your costs and don’t mind the small town feel then you will love College Station. The average rate for an average home is a little under the $ 200,000 mark.

The Tone

If you are looking to move to Dallas, Denton is one of the first places you need to look. Denton is a county, although the city also bears the same name. Education seems to be the thing in Texas right now, and Denton doesn’t want to be left behind. The University of Texas is based in this city of 125,000 residents, making it a university town. But Denton is more than that, despite the fact that residents sometimes call it “little d” as opposed to nearby “Big D”. It is one of the most diverse, progressive places in Texas.

The majority of residents are either entrepreneurs, work in innovation or the creative sectors. The city scores with home ownership (the current median inventory is $ 265,000) and is widely considered to be exceptionally live able.

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