Brazil National Dish – What To Eat In Brazil

When visiting Brazil, it’s essential to try some of the country’s most extraordinary cuisine. With a fusion of African, Indigenous, and European culinary traditions, Brazil has something to offer every type of foodie. From steaming hot stews to grilled meats and fresh seafood, exploring the Brazilian food scene is an experience you won’t want to miss.

Pão De Queijo

Let’s start with breakfast. Pão de queijo, or cheese buns, is one of the nation’s most beloved breakfast items. These cheesy, doughy buns are typically served with a cup of rich coffee. Fresh pastries, such as cake-like coxinhas and risolés, are also very popular in the morning.

Brazil National Dish - What To Eat In Brazil
Brazil National Dish – What To Eat In Brazil


When it comes to lunch and dinner, the options are almost endless. Feijoada is often considered Brazil’s national dish. This hearty stew consists of black beans, pork, and beef served over white rice. Feijoada is often served with vinaigrette, collard greens, and orange slices. Other traditional Brazilian stews include Escondidinho, a layering of mashed yucca and shredded beef, and Carne de Sol, a stew of pulled beef, onions, and tomato.

Grilled Meat

Brazilians are also particularly fond of their grilled meat dishes. Some of the most popular varieties include churrasco, grilled skewered meats cooked over a charcoal fire, and frango a passarinho, a spicy grilled chicken served with a garlic and parsley sauce.

Salted Cod

Of course, no Brazilian feast is complete without the presence of some seafood. Salted cod (bacalhau) is prepared in a variety of ways throughout Brazil; fried codfish (bolinhos de bacalhau) is one of the most popular. Moqueca, a seafood stew cooked with coconut milk and palm oil, is also found throughout the nation.


For dessert, why not try some of Brazil’s renowned sweets? Brigadeiros, a fudgy chocolate bon-bon, is loved throughout the country. For something more refreshing, there’s cuscuz de Amêndoa, an almond custard flavored with sweet condensed milk.

No matter your taste, there is something special in Brazil’s gastronomy that is sure to please. From hearty stews to grilled meats and desserts, Brazilian food is an exciting and delicious adventure. So don’t forget to indulge in all that Brazil has to offer when you visit. Bon Appetit!

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