Most Affordable Places To Live In California

The freedom and the many possibilities in the land of unlimited possibilities attracts many people. California is undoubtedly one of the most well known and most visited states in USA. Sandy beaches, coastal roads with great views, boundless forests, hot deserts and mountains, California offers a bit of everything.

Many fell in love with this state with its diversity and the desire to stay there forever on their first visit. In particular, they consider the area around Los Angeles, where many people have made it from dishwasher to millionaire, to be the right place to start over. If you are thinking about starting a new life there, you should know some facts!

San Jose

The heart of Silicon Valley, so it’s no wonder that the market is booming here in the region. This of course also increases the attractiveness, also at the schools, which are well known here. In addition, the average annual salary is around 65,00 dollars – the highest in the top comparison.


Speaking of affordable housing, another area in California with attractive housing rates is Redlands. The small town of 70,000 inhabitants has a median home value of $300,000 with average rental prices of $1,300, slightly above the general average. Education levels in Redlands are quite high compared to the national average, and the school system has been rated a solid A


It is a town of 100,000 people located in Riverside County. It is ideal for families looking for affordable housing and many facilities to take care of their families. The average home value in Murrieta is $300,000. That may be well above the national average but it’s on the lower end of the spectrum by California’s expensive conditions. As a matter of fact, these housing prices continue to be such a draw for both individuals and businesses. Average annual household income is around $75,000 in a city known for its beautiful surrounding vineyards and charm, a fact that makes it easy for property managers to market rents.

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Clovis is considered one of the greatest places to live, at least in northern California. The city of nearly 100,000 people when it comes to school ratings, crime and safety, diversity, nightlife, and good quality of life for families. Clovis guarantees many family attractions, including 280 acres of trails and parks.


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