American Express Travel Insurance

You have completed all the steps such as flight tickets, car rental, hotel selection, travel insurance and preparing suitcases. You have done everything you need to do for your trip, that is, you have planned everything you may need before and during the trip.


We can examine the insurance under 3 headings for you;


  1. Trip insurance
  2. Vacation insurance
  3. Travel insurance

What is Travel Insurance?

The answer to the question of what does travel insurance means is exactly here. Travel insurance is an insurance that ensures emergency health problems caused by illness or accident.


In such a situation, in other words, when your need for treatment arises, all you have to do as a travel insurance owner is to apply to a health institution to recover and to experience the comfort of regaining your health without affecting your budget.


You can also benefit not only when traveling abroad, but also on domestic trips. Travel insurance general terms and guarantees are determined according to the type of insurance.

American Express Travel Insurance

If you are planning a long-term trip abroad, preparing to go to a climate zone that you have not been to before, or planning to experience a different journey, you can secure yourself with the comprehensive coverage of American express travel insurance.


This insurance product guarantees the healthcare costs incurred by unfortunate accidents or illnesses you may experience during your travel abroad.


The comprehensive coverage of this type of insurance are:


  • Extending the stay abroad due to accident or illness,
  • Covering the expenses arising from an accident at home,
  • Delayed luggage
  • Luggage lost, stolen or damaged on the scheduled flight
  • Finding the baggage and delivering it to the insured
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Types of Travel Insurance

If you experience accidental injury or illness during your travels abroad, your treatment costs are covered by 100% coverage.


The guarantees of this travel insurance are;


  • Medical treatment coverage abroad,
  • After discharge, transfer to the country of residence,
  • Travel or transportation of the insured,
  • In the event of death, it guarantees the transportation of the insured to his country.
  • It is valid from the start date to the end date specified in your policy.

American Express Platinum Travel Insurance

You have chosen an educational institution for your study abroad, you have arranged your accommodation, and perhaps you have marked the cities you will go to on the weekends on the map.


You can have American express platinum travel insurance to ensure that no problems prevent you from experiencing these exciting experiences. Thus, no setback prevents you from going to new places and meeting different cultures.

Travel Health Insurance Cost

Thanks to travel insurance prices and American express travelers checks, the region you will travel, the number of days your policy will be valid and the guarantees specified in your policy are determined within the limits.



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