Turkey’s Leading Brand in the Steel and Office Furniture Industry

Orçelik is known as one of Turkey’s leading brands in the steel and office furniture industry. The company’s production facilities stand out with its state-of-the-art machinery and expert staff. Orçelik maintains its leadership in the sector not only with its product quality, but also with the employment and added value it provides.

Products Suitable for Various Industries

Orçelik’s product range includes products designed for various industry needs. Special Products stands out with its designs suitable for special requirements and offers special solutions for customers’ projects. Library Systems, on the other hand, includes systems specially designed for library and document management, so that customers’ information organization occurs in a more effective and orderly manner.

Impressive Designs and Quality

Orçelik’s products attract attention not only with their functionality but also with their aesthetic designs. Werzalit / Special Products includes durable and stylish products designed for use in special projects. Map and Plan Cabinet offers ideal solutions for storing maps and plans in an orderly manner, thus ensuring that all kinds of documents are stored safely and accessible.

The Key to Order and Security in Your Workplace with Orçelik Assurance

Orçelik offers reliable and quality products to its customers with its many years of experience in the steel and office furniture industry. You can choose Orçelik products to increase efficiency by keeping your workplace organized and to keep your valuables safe. By visiting the company’s website, you can examine its wide product range and start discovering solutions that suit your needs. Orçelik is with you to meet the needs of your workplace with quality, safety and functionality.

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Perfect Archive and Storage Systems

Orçelik stands out as a brand that sets industry standards in archive and storage systems. While you save space with Compact Archive Systems, you can keep your documents safely with Lockers and File Cabinets. Orçelik’s products help you increase efficiency by maintaining order in your workplace.

Products produced for security

Orçelik is a brand that stands out with its sensitivity to security. You can secure your valuables with Security Cabinets, and store your workplace tools and equipment in an orderly manner with Tool Cabinets and Machine Tool Systems. Orçelik makes your work environment safer by prioritizing your security.

Various Solutions for Every Sector

Orçelik attracts attention with its solutions that appeal to various sectors. You can make your material transportation easier with Transport Vehicles and increase the comfort in your work areas with Sitting Benches. It offers practical solutions specific to your storage needs with Shelf Systems and Card Index Cabinet.

Special Design products

Orçelik offers special designs by prioritizing customer satisfaction. With Werzalit / Special Products, you can produce solutions suitable for your special projects, and with Library Systems and Map and Plan Cabinet, aesthetics and functionality come together in your library and map planning systems.

Address of Quality and Trust

Orçelik is known as a leading brand in the steel and office furniture industry and has a leading position in the Aegean Region. Orçelik offers high quality solutions to its customers with the products it produces in its modern and state-of-the-art production facilities.

Employment and Production Leader of the Aegean Region

Orçelik is one of the brands that contribute the most to employment and production in the Aegean Region. It plays a leading role in the industry with its high quality products and constantly improving production technology. Orçelik’s production facilities are equipped with modern machines and expert staff, which guarantees the perfection and durability of the products.

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Offers Various Solutions with Its Wide Product Range

The wide range of products offered by Orçelik allows its customers to offer solutions for various sectors. From archive and storage systems to security solutions; There is a wide range of products from transport vehicles to seating benches. These products offer ideal solutions to customers who want to maintain order in their workplaces and create an effective working environment.


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