Cheap Car Rental in Fuerteventura

Fuerteventura is a beautiful and often completely underestimated holiday destination. The Spanish island is therefore great for all road trips who want to travel away from the crowds. In addition to peace and a pleasant weather, there are many great sights and colors on Fuerteventura – especially when the sun goes down. Then drive your rental car through an enchanting landscape.


Advantages of Caravamos


The island is great for exploring Fuerteventura by rental car. Both the white east beaches, which are well known with travelers, and the dune park in the north, which is under protection, can be explored. The contrast to the cliffs in the west can also be experienced in this way, as can the landscape with a wide variety of flora. Because here farms that were really derelict have recently been repaired with EU funds. In connection with this, old crafts and the way of life on the island are demonstrated. So there is a lot to see and with a rental car you are good enough to absorb all these impressions.


The fuerteventura car hire corralejo are usually cleaned and disinfected by the car rental company before they are picked up. Both from the outside and from the inside, the contact surfaces (steering wheel, dashboard, door handles) are of course included. A rental car in Fuerteventura cost an average of 20-25 euros per day.


The lowest age for renting a car is usually 21 years. Of course, this always depends on the provider. In addition, make sure that you have sufficient insurance protection and regulations for example, refueling the vehicle, the permitted number of free km and, if necessary, an additional driver. Basically, it is also common on fuerteventura car hire corralejo to pay a deposit for the rental car. With the partners however, you have the opportunity of getting a rental car without paying a deposit. Most rental car providers require a card for the booking. However, our partner offers the variant of renting a car without a card.

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For orientation and that you don’t miss anything, it is advisable to book a navigation device. Air conditioning can also be useful in the hot months. If you are traveling with children, you can easily book a child seat. If you want to travel to Fuerteventura with a rental vehicle on a car ferry, this should be requested and checked before your trip. The line on   supports you in providing the greatest possible offer.


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