Dog Friendly Beaches NSW

Most dogs love beach holidays: romping in the waves, digging holes, making new dog acquaintances and being with their people all day long. However, this freedom without a leash is by no means possible on all beaches in Europe. Dog owners should definitely include the dog-friendliness of the holiday destination when planning their trip. When staying with a dog on the beach, there are also a few things to consider so that the holiday is a nice experience for everyone.

April/May in particular are great for a beach holiday with a dog. Other advantages of the off-season are that the beaches are pleasantly empty, the accommodation is cheaper and the heat is less harmful to the dogs. If you are forced to travel in the high season, you should definitely inquire in advance whether dogs are allowed by the sea or at least whether there are dog beaches nearby. Walks in the surrounding area can also lead to unpleasant surprises: are dogs allowed on dikes or in the dunes? Can dogs be leashed in the woods and fields? Are they banned in diners altogether? Details can be obtained from tourism offices, for example, but holiday accommodation providers can usually help too.

Dogs only sweat from their paws, but they also lose a lot of moisture through panting. In addition, this cooling works much worse than the sweating of people. The salty sea water is unsuitable for quenching thirst. The salt only increases the loss of fluids, and many dogs react to swallowing seawater with diarrhea. It is therefore necessary to take drinking water for the dog with you if you stay on the beach for several hours. Of course, a corresponding drinking bowl should not be missing.

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Holiday Countries and Their Dog-Friendliness

The Netherlands is usually considered to be very dog-friendly and is therefore the destination of many dog owners every year who want to enjoy a beach holiday with their four legged friend. In many places it is regulated that dogs are allowed on the beach without restrictions in the off-time, but in summer there are some restrictions that must be observed. Dogs are then only allowed on dog beaches or must be kept on a leash at least on the main beaches during the day. Places with this rope rule are Westkapelle or Petten. In general, the country in particular is considered very dog-friendly.

Scotland is a little paradise for a holiday with a dog. However, you have to put up with the not always convincing summer weather and the somewhat journey to get here. Dogs are allowed off-leash without restrictions on almost all Scottish beaches, even in midseason. Consequently, there are no additional dog beaches. There is usually no obligation to wear a leash on beaches either. However, some cities have a dog ban on certain stretches of beach. Denmark has long been a paradise for vacationers with dogs. Due to the severely tightened dog breed law (which also applies to foreign visitors), this is now only the case to a limited extent.


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