The Most Beautiful Honeymoon Destinations

After so many honeymoon suggestions, you might have other questions about honeymooning. Here you get answers and suggestions.

Maldives Honeymoon

The archipelago consists of several atolls and over thousand islands, only a small part of which can be visited. The islands are a great place because they offer the traditional, secluded heaven backdrop with their white sandy beaches, clear water and tropical palm trees. Particularly well known honeymoon regions are the water bungalows on the sea, which promise comfortable togetherness. So you can jump into the ocean every morning. The wonderful underwater world is of course not only good for swimming, but also for diving.

Villas Petra, Santorini

The island in the Aegean Sea promises pure idyll on black beaches, lonely bays and in small alleys. The sight of the whitewashed houses in Santorini alone creates great atmosphere. Those who like it particularly luxurious should choose the Villas Petra as their honeymoon resort. The hotel is wonderful to look at, because it combines simple charm with a classic local ambience. The destination promises a unique view of the surrounding cliffs and the blue sea.


If you want to travel to Barbados for a honeymoon, you can dive for wraks off the coast of the Caribbean or just stay on one of the beautiful beaches if you like it better. The beauties of the easternmost include the Turners Hall Woods reserve. In the capital, Brigdetown, you can admire British architecture.



If you are celebrating your honeymoon in Dubai, you can swim in the warm waters of the gulf and go on safaris in the desert. Huge shopping malls between skyscrapers beckon with their well known shops. Take the elevator to the 828 meters high Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world, and look from the observation deck. In Dubai you have a large selection of accommodation, for example on the artificial islands. With Al Fahidi you pay a visit to the oldest region of Dubai.

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Varadero on the north coast in particular attracts numerous holidaymakers. On the small peninsula you can choose between a large amount of accommodations with great furnishings. If you have more than a beach honeymoon in mind, check out the capital, Havana. There you can admire the buildings from the Spanish era. You will be no less impressed by the many old timers driving around.


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