Traveling Jobs For Couples

The dream of working abroad is often dreamed together with the partner. Quickly comes the question of financing and daily livelihood. Should one seek something in his current profession or a little new car? What if the one partner must seek longer than the other? With the possibility of self-employment abroad, can of course make this together with his partner. Some jobs are even just made to put something on the legs for two.

Wedding Photographer Duo

Weddings are anywhere in the world and the job of photographer can be quickly learned. Especially with larger weddings, a photographer duo is likely to be ordered. After all, you just want to marry once in life and then you will need great photos of this special day.

A photographer may miss the one or the other situation that two photographers can easily get. When photographing the wedding couple, a photographer can only assist the others and put the lighting in the right light while the other shoots. Of course you can also expand its services: one offers wedding photos, while the other partner records the ceremony. A photographer and a recorder are an absolutely strong team.

Hostel Management

Managing a hostel is a lot of work. For two, you can tackle this task easily. Granted to come to such a dream job, you have to look for a little longer. To write unsolicited applications to  hostels in the destination country can be tedious, but the competition is a step ahead of the competition. If you want to go a step further, you can also think about opening your own bed and breakfast or airbnb abroad.

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Gwear Cleaning

Many shy away from a plaster job, but this can also bring reliable money. To fight every single plaster job is hard, but who has a longer-term contract with a trade, can live well. Especially office and farms are usually cleaned according to a scheme. Together, the whole thing can of course be managed in half the time. Office are very much like reliable cleaning forces that clean their premises one to three times a week. Unlike isolated jobs, one has to take care of such a contract only once and do not apply every day.


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