Overseas Travel Insurance Ideas

Go on a journey with peace of mind and enjoy the time-out: Protect yourself and your family against the consequences of illness while on vacation with a travel insurance policy. In many cases, it bears the costs of medically necessary treatment that your statutory health insurance does not cover.

Prepare For Your Next Vacation

If you get sick abroad, statutory or private health insurance often only covers part of the costs incurred, for example for visits to the doctor or hospital stays. So take precautions – regardless of how long or how far your journey is. With a foreign travel health insurance you close numerous gaps in your insurance cover and you can go on vacation with a good feeling.

Comprehensive Insurance Coverage Abroad

With a foreign travel insurance, you and your family are well covered when you are traveling. This is because the insurance bears the costs of medical treatment that is medically necessary due to illness or accidents. If necessary, it will also take care of the return transport. The insurance cover is valid for the first 45 days of every trip – regardless of how many you take in a year. A 24-hour emergency call is available to you.

Travel Insurance

Insurance Coverage For Individuals And Families

Whether a short trip abroad or a vacation with your loved ones: the global travel health insurance adapts to your needs. You can take out insurance cover for both individuals and families.

Social Security Agreements Do Not Provide Comprehensive Coverage

The statutory health insurances only pay in countries with which a social security agreement exists – and that only for short-term stays abroad. The insured benefits are precisely defined in this agreement and they are based on what residents are also entitled to. Often this means a reduction in benefits in relation to your country. It is therefore advisable to also take out international health insurance when you are on holiday abroad. Statutory health insurance does not pay for long-term stays abroad – whether as long-term vacation, to study or to work. In these cases you always need additional health insurance abroad. The longer you stay abroad, the more comprehensive the insurance coverage should be.

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