No Experience Traveling Jobs

Traveling and earning money are no longer mutually exclusive; you can swap your office for a hostel room. That this is by no means reserved for the industry that shows the variety of the following jobs. One thing first: For many, this is a good opportunity to realize the long-cherished travel dream without being rich and to try something new with less experience!

Stand Behind The Camera As A Photographer

Is creativity seething in you? Then maybe this is just the thing for you. Content for hostels and restaurants is always in demand. Many would even cover travel expenses. Put together a collection of your work and advertise yourself to tour operators, hostels and night clubs. Sites where you can upload your own stock images and get paid, are great too. Grab your camera and be on your way!

Document Your Travels As A Travel Blogger

Take the first step by finding your pseudonym – something short, a bit catchy, and definitely memorable. Link it to your social media account and start sharing and posting. WordPress is a wonderful place for your blog. And it’s free! What is your niche? Why do you stand out from the crowd? Bloggers are a dime a dozen, but it’s never too late to get on board. Open yourself to the world and just start writing. Build in interaction, increase your readership and offer good content – because that’s what attracts companies.


Live The Dream As A Nomad

Whether you’d rather see yourself as the next Wall Street wolf and trade in securities, speak a foreign language and work as a translator, or rather get into online wholesale as a wheeler dealer – provided you have an entrepreneurial spirit and a strong WiFi and a laptop, the world is at your feet! Work from white sandy beaches, high above the snow-covered Alps, or in a cafe.

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Teach A Language

In many countries there is a desperate need for teachers who can teach English. There are now many who gain such valuable experience abroad and, for example, work as teachers in areas where education is otherwise rather poor. In institutions it is also possible for non-educators, e.g. as tutors or in language schools to earn money for conversation lessons.


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