Work And Travel: Jobs That Involve Traveling

How often have we looked at our compatriots, who live and work there, on vacation abroad and thought that these people have dream jobs. You work where others go on vacation and in your free time you can enjoy life far away, discover new places, learn new languages and immerse yourself in new worlds and ways of life. In addition, these people combine two not inconsiderable advantages. On the one hand, they can travel and gain lots of new impressions and experiences, and on the other hand, they also earn a living with it.

The first job experience abroad is not only suitable for school leavers and students. There are various jobs that are suited for activities abroad and with which you have the opportunity to take on a challenge far away from your own zone.


Consultants provide their clients with their specialist knowledge, without the help a company would not be able to complete a task or business. Depending on the industry, consultants have the opportunity to use their know – how for other companies worldwide. The consultancy is divided into the following four areas: strategy, IT, auditing, taxes, human resources.



Depending on the content and focus of the article, the blogger can explore the world and collect new opinions for new blogs. Travel blogs are now almost more popular than travel guides and offer many readers inspiration for new travel destinations. In order to survive the strong competition, unique blogs, appealing images and tempting insider tips are essential. The great thing about blogging is that you can enjoy your stay abroad and share your new impressions and experiences in a kind of diary with the readers.

Import – Export Manager

Import – export managers of a company have the task of handling purchases from abroad or sales abroad for the company. A lot of trips abroad are usually necessary to maintain markets and to open up new markets. In this way you often get to know the countries from a completely different side and you can get an insight into the life of the people there.

Hotel Tester

A dream job for many people. You are paid to behave like a guest and you can use all the amenities of the hotel to be tested. Every hotel is different and therefore the hotel tester is very varied.

There are certainly many other jobs that allow you to travel and make money in the process. It is important to find out where your strengths lie and which job description comes closest to your own qualifications.


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