Italy Entry Requirements

Anyone entering Italy must present either proof of vaccination or proof of convalescence or a negative certificate that is not older than 2 days or a negative PCR that is not older than 72 hours. In addition, entry must be registered using an online document.

The following still applies: Anyone who checks into a hotel, wants to visit a diner or an event must be vaccinated or have recovered. The rule applies in shops for everyday needs. The vaccination and recovery certificates are only valid for 180 days within Italy. For foreign tourists, the evidence can also be older than 180 days if the tourists can also present an approval that is no more than 2days old or a PCR. An FFP2 mask must be worn in closed rooms, but also in open places and in transport. The mask requirement outdoors was already suspended in winter.

Depending on the infection process, Italy allocates its municipalities into white, yellow, orange or red zones. If a dangerous infection leads to a change, travel within Italy may be restricted depending on the region. Individual rules and restrictions can also be issued in the individual locations.


What Pandemic Requirements Apply In Everyday Life In Italy?

A health emergency has been declared in Italy. It is recommended to use the tracing application. The whole country is divided into risk zones in which different measures apply. Travel within the country through different zones is usually possible.

A 2-G is also required for transport and leisure activities. Wearing an FFP2 mask in these places is mandatory. Discotheques and dance halls are open again. Events, meetings, exhibitions and concerts including outdoors are currently prohibited. Up to five people from a household may stay in vehicles without a mask. In various households, the number of people is limited to three, but with a mask requirement and a minimum distance of 1m.

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From winter 2022, a 3-G proof is required to visit national authorities and other public places. Wearing a mask at a outdoor and indoor events as well as at competitions and sporting events is still mandatory. The consumption of food and drinks in publicly accessible closed rooms is prohibited. Children under the age of six are excluded from the mask requirement.


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