Spain Travel Restrictions

The usually milder course of an omicron disease is causing numerous countries to notably relax their entry and the pandemic rules. This is how Spain is reacting to the current situation. From a perspective, Spain, including the islands, has not been a high-risk area since winter. This means that there is no longer any need for entry registration for those returning to other countries, and quarantine is no longer necessary for those who have not been vaccinated.

From a Spanish view, on the other hand, England is considered a risk area. English need a vaccination or proof of recovery when entering Spain. Anyone entering Spain by plane or ship must also fill out a health form that causes a QR. This must be presented upon check-in and upon immigration. The report can be filled out of 48 hours before entry. Upon entry, checks are carried out by the health institutions. If you have a temperature of over 37.5 degrees or show signs that could indicate corona, you have to expect to be examined more closely.

The mask requirement outdoors was lifted on February. Since then, it has only been valid on transport, within public spaces and at events. A distance of 1.5 m to people outside the household must be maintained on the beach. The various places and islands sometimes have different restrictions, which you should definitely find out about before you travel. In some regions, the rule applies to visiting diners and clubs, and there are some early curfew hours.


For unvaccinated people: presentation of a negative PCR result within 72 hours or an approval result within 1 day. For vaccinated people: presentation of the Covid-19 vaccination. The last dose must have been received at least two weeks ago and at most 270 days before the trip. For people who have recovered from the disease: presentation of a certificate of recovery between 11 and 180 days before departure.

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What Measures Are There In Spain For Open Spaces?

Depending on the warning level, the different regions in Spain decide independently on the measures for: opening hours, closures, capacity or situations for access to the various activities. In addition, measures such as the ban on alcohol consumption in crowd or smoking on streets can be enforced. The certificate may be required when entering facilities or events.


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