Memoli Zengin Visited His Hometown Gaziantep

Memoli Zengin, who has shared the stage with many famous names, including Cem Yılmaz and Şahan Gökbakar, as well as Ezgi Mola and Murat Başoğlu, and who has become the most well-known name in recent years, visited to his birthplace Gaziantep. Memoli Zengin is originally from Gaziantep and gained his reputation outside the boundaries with his outstanding successes immediately after joining the cinema with golden steps directly after his high school years. Memoli Zengin (Mehmet Zengin), recognized for his accomplishments in both cinema and sports, has stated that he currently resides in Japan. Young sportsman Memoli Zengin, who has achieved success in sports as well as in cinema and won the kickboxing championship in Japan, is frequently mentioned.

Despite His Busy Working Life, Memoli Zengin Has Not Forgotten His Country

Memoli Zengin, who has performed in numerous famous films and whose roles are printed in gold letters, also has achieved significant success in international sports despite his young age. Memoli Zengin visited to his hometown of Gaziantep. Memoli Zengin, who is well-known for his successes almost everywhere in the globe and is gaining more fans by the day, continues to live his life as a model, singer, and kickboxer in Turkey and abroad.



What Memoli Zengin Said About the World Cup!

Memoli Zengin (Mehmet Zengin) was born in Gaziantep’s Şehitkamil district and shared his memories in front of the cameras in Japan, where he attended the last World Cup. Memoli Zengin, who began his career in the movie business directly after high school, has worked with well-known names. Memoli Zengin, who acted in the film Recep İvedik for the first time and went on to have excellent results with Cem Yılmaz in the film GORA in a short period of time, began studying cinema and acting classes from Ayla Algan directly after high school.

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Memoli Zengin made a visit to his hometown of Gaziantep. Memoli Zengin, who had been away for a long period, drew a lot of attention in Gaziantep. Zengin R, who was greeted by large crowds in his district Şehitkamil, added this success to his successes in sports and art, and starred in the 2008 film GORA, produced by Cem Ylmaz and Ali Taner Baltac.

Memoli Zengin, who made a name for himself once again with his success in the movie Eyvah Eyvah, which tells the story of Hüseyin and Firuzan, who came to Istanbul from Çanakkale in 2010, took on big and important roles in both emotional and comedy genres. Lastly, Memoli Zengin, who shared the same scene with Tolga Çevik, Ezgi Mola and Murat Başoğlu in the movie “Patron Mutlu Son İstiyor”, visited his hometown Gaziantep.



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