Benidorm – what to visit?

How to get to Benidorm? 

When it comes to getting to Benidorm, the best way is to fly into Alicante airport. From there, Alicante airport to Benidorm shuttle service is available. The best thing to do is to buy it in advance and make sure that you arrive there without any problems.

What to do in Benidorm?

There is a reason why so many tourists come to Benidorm. The city has everything you could want, from an exciting night out on the town with friends or family members to the many quiet spots that await you. It is not at all a town typically for beachgoers. What can you do there? 

Plaza Santa Ana

Plaza Santa Ana, or Santa Ana Square, is a popular spot in the old town. A small market with handicrafts and street artists show off their skills, creating color in this beautiful place while you enjoy a drink from one of the many bars that are located on the terraces, creating an interesting scene for passersby or anyone walking by on vacation here! Here you will also find the Iglesia De San Jaime y Santa Anna, which is the main church on the site, built in the 18th century.

Mirador de Punta Canfali

Imagine your perfect vacation spot. Beautiful white stairs leading to the sea on each side – could there be anything better? This is just one example from our list that will make anyone’s heart beat! There are so many things to do in Benidorm; we recommend taking advantage of them if you go there again soon. The steps leading to the sea, from where you can see the islands, are definitely a great place to visit.

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The Sierra Helada Ice Cliffs or the Ice Mountains Park is the perfect place for all nature lovers. The name refers to the cliffs in the park that look like icebergs in the moonlight, according to local fishermen who often have the pleasure of seeing them at night illuminated by a magical light; they can measure up to 500 meters high! This fascinating 5,500 hectare area also features mountainsides covered in tropical forest and a variety of wildlife.


There is no better place to spend a day in Benidorm than the Mediterranean coast. A good way to start your adventure is to take advantage of this beautiful beach and enjoy the sun before lunch! When it’s time to eat, you can count on an extremely wide gastronomic offer.


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