House Of Cappadocia Cave Suite

Thanks to erosion and eruption, Cappadocia is full of beautiful formations, dubbed fairy chimneys for their surreal appearance. They look like honeycombs today, just as locals have carved into the soft stones over the centuries to shape homes and churches, creating underground in time. Hot air balloon rides are particularly well known in the area as they give travelers an opportunity to see the amazing and well-preserved structures from a bird’s eye view. In our opinion, if we visit the Anatolian region, it is necessary to go to Cappadocia. For a truly unique experience, stay in one of the many cave hotels that have guest rooms carved into the rock.


In Historical Walls In Cappadocia

A newly opened hotel hidden in historic homes and caves in the Anatolian town – that sounds like vaulted ceilings, oriental charm and carefully chosen details that make city dwellers go into raptures. Built to the decoration, real historical features such as an old wine press have been preserved and complemented by modern, natural forms such as the great free-standing bathtubs. A full spa, outdoor pool, and two diners fill the unique stone interiors and beautiful halls. The over 30 room hotel has large guest rooms, all built into actual historical caves. Each is unique and luxurious, carved into the rocky hillside with a separate living area and work desk. Classy wooden furniture and colorful Turkish kilims are used sparingly, giving the stone rooms a great Cappadocian atmosphere. Some rooms have fireplaces, courtyards, or patios, and some rooms even have their own private cave pools. The rooms on site are traditionally and very nice furnished in a country style and impress with their high ceilings and high-quality furniture. The prices are also really good, you can stay in a double room, breakfast is included in the price.

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The result is an elegant hotel that combines oriental style with modern decoration without drifting off too much. The 350 sqm spa also knows about the tradition of the region: classic spa practices are skilfully complemented by new treatments and luxurious care products. The country can be discovered in such a relaxed way far away from mass tourism. With this flair in this old cave you feel transported back to the Middle Ages. The suites at the House of Cappadocia feature luxurious furnishings. You should also definitely go to the restaurant, which also belongs to the hotel. A selection of Turkish and international dishes awaits you there.


The charming bed and breakfast offers great views of the surrounding countryside and offers a variety of romantic spots to sit among stone patios. Several guests have praised the  thanks in large part to the owner’s warmth and the staff’s willingness to book trips and activities. Rooms have a curved door that gives the rooms a particularly luxury vibe, and pale stone is accented by rough-hewn wooden ceilings with large, chunky transoms. Rooms need little style to feel authentic, though there are occasional rugs. Bathrooms are tiled in tan and offer stalls with handheld showerheads.


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