What To Wear In Italy

In Italy, fashion has long been a part of the country’s lifestyle and plays a key role in society and the way of life. This has been the case for hundreds of years and is the result of sustained development since the eleventh century. While France became the challenger to who was the main trendsetter in fashion, Italian fashion struck back after WWII, responding to french brands with brands like Gucci and Armani. Glamor is associated with Italian fashion, as well as art and food, so here are a few tips about Italian fashion.

Wear The Right Shoes

You may or may not notice it, but your feet are always an important element of appearance when it comes to Italian fashion. And if you are in Italy, leather shoes are quite essential, and shoes made of velor are also very popular. No matter what the current Italian fashion trend is, make sure shoes are clean, polished and showable.

The Unwritten Dress Code

If you’re attending a meal in a restaurant, booked a hotel, or maybe heading to a party, don’t expect there to be a dress code. This is because it is presupposed. Italians show their respect in their clothes in accordance with the level of the place they are going or the people they will be with. Trying to dress nicely is always appreciated.

No Abuse Of Sportswear

Unless you are playing a sport, sportswear is not a fashion item in Italy. You will likely get noticed when you wear your football shirts or running shoes on the street.

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Note The Time And Place

Not only do Italians set seasonal trends, they also divide their day through appropriate clothing, which often requires different clothing for different parts of the day. For example, men never wear shorts when they go out in the evening, and when they go to church, men and women never wear anything that leaves their shoulders bare.

Make Sure It Is Seated

Italian fashion trends always agree that they promote well-fitting clothing. This means that men never wear baggy t-shirts or anything baggy. A well-tailored jacket is great and stylish addition to many clothing and is often seen in Italian fashion.


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