Indian National Dish – What To Eat In India

In this blog, I’ll tell you everything you need to know about the tastiest national dishes in India, which highlights you shouldn’t miss, what Indian eating habits look like and what costs you have to expect for eating and drinking.

Indian cuisine is strongly influenced by traditional and religious influences. Numerous spices are used throughout the country. Indian cuisine can be divided into two regions, North Indian and South Indian cuisine. Much wheat and corn is grown in the north, so flatbread of all shapes and sizes is eaten here. In addition, the North Indian cuisine is very rich in fat and cooked with a lot of meat. South Indian cuisine is the healthier of the two, because people in the south cook less fat, vegetarian food is often served here.

Curry Dishes

Since the trend curry is available in a wide variety throughout India, I have put together an overview of the most well known and tastiest ones of the national dish in the country, with all the curries that, in my opinion, are in the top tastiest national dishes and must not be missing.

Chicken Makani: This curry dish features chicken cooked in a mild, creamy sauce with lots of butter and tomatoes.

Korma: A thick curry based on yoghurt is called korma. The main ingredient is usually meat, but there are also vegetarian ones. Due to the dairy products, this curry dish is very mild.

Dum-Aloo: Aloo means potato, which you will find in your curry together with numerous spices.


The paratha is made from the same dough as the naan bread. The only difference here is that the paratha is filled. Most often you will come across the Aloo Paratha, a flatbread filled with mashed potatoes. This is usually accompanied by a butter dip or dal.

Indian National Dish - What To Eat In India
Indian National Dish – What To Eat In India


The well known street food in India are the samosas. The fried dumplings are available on every corner. The batter in which the samosas are fried in a triangle is made from wheat flour, butter or cooking oil, water and salt. A vegetarian variant consists of a vegetable curry filling with potatoes, rice and numerous spices. For all meat lovers there are stuffed samosas with potatoes and minced meat or fish. This is usually served with a chutney. Indians often use the dumplings to use up their leftovers.

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A national dish in India, which is mainly eaten in the north of the country. A dal consists mainly of cooked legumes, the most common being the lentil dal. But there is also dal made from chickpeas, beans or peas. The legumes are boiled until they turn into a pulp and then seasoned with cumin, coriander, onions, garlic, ginger and other spices. The dal is served both as a main course and as a side dish.

Masala Dosa

A dosa is a thin pancake cooked on a cast-iron plate. As a rule, the dosa are eaten for breakfast here. The dosa require ample time to prepare. Because the lentils and rice have to soak for several hours before they can be pureed and the dough left to ferment overnight. After the pancakes have finished baking, they are then served with sambar, a lentil and tamarind-based sauce, and usually a chutney. In India you will come across numerous dishes. 


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