National Dish of England – What To Eat In UK

When you are in England, you’ll quickly find that you can go on a culinary journey around the world just by walking down the street. However, should you leave the big, multicultural cities, the food changes a bit – which is not bad at all. Eat your way through must-try dishes and become an expert on British cuisine in no time. 

Full English Breakfast 

The day in England starts with a classic English breakfast. This consists of fried bacon and sausages, fried and scrambled eggs, tomatoes, beans and mushrooms. In addition a slice of white or brown bread and usually a black tea with milk. The English breakfast does not cater for all tastes and is not always easy to digest.

Fish and Chips

This dish is a staple in the British summer. Whether you’re fond of our aquatic friends or wrinkle your nose at fish, we English cook it in a mouth-watering way: just fry the catch of the in a thin beer batter and serve with a mountain of thickly cut fries. It’s then up to you to cover the whole thing with salt and vinegar or drown it in sauce and take it to the nearest beach. By the way: Most Brits enjoy a portion of mashed pies as well!

National Dish of England - What To Eat In UK
National Dish of England – What To Eat In UK

Cream Tea

When you visit the south of England, also known as the sunniest region in the country, trying a cream tea is a must. For this world-famous delicacy, a steaming cup of tea is garnished with two large scones, each topped with jam and a thick layer of clotted cream. Make sure your phone is ready: these gorgeous creations are as pretty as they are tasty and will set off your social media alarm bells. If you are hungry, opt for a classic afternoon tea. This consists of sandwiches, scones and a small selection of tarts.

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Falafel may not be quintessentially British, but we’ve embraced them warmly into our thriving cuisine as if they’ve been part of the family for a long time. Eat them on a salad, in a wrap, or while still hot in a piece of flatbread; these balls of mildly spiced Middle Eastern chickpea mash are simply delicious and healthy! Top the little lucky balls with hummus and get ready to get envious hungry looks.

Chips and Gravy

If you’re taking a trip to the more northern half of the country, you can swap the fish and chips for a slightly different combination – chips and gravy. Yes, actually the meat juices you usually find with a roast are pretty tasty with fries. Virtually everyone in the North loves this food, so it’s a must-try, especially when the gravy is dripping from a freshly baked steak pie

5 O’clock Tea 

Teatime is the motto in many homes. Tea drinking is an English tradition that dates back to the 17th century. At that time, tea was still an expensive commodity and only the wealthy could afford such an honour. Black tea is traditionally consumed with yeast pastries – so-called tea bread.


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