Best Things To Do With A Caravan In Fuerteventura

Are there any other sights on Fuerteventura that you weren’t able to visit, but you would like to recommend them to others? Have you planned your trips with a caravan Fuerteventura? What do you particularly like to see?

  • Playa el Puertito

The fishing village with its campsite is particularly good for surfers. But it is also considered a surf spot for more experienced people because of the many stones at the water’s edge. Tourists take the time and watch the surfers for half an hour. There are no good waves everyday and people lie in their caravans more than they stand on them.

  • Playa de Cofete

This place is one of the favorite sights on Fuerteventura: Here the fixed caravans on the campsite are embedded in the sand. At sunset you can have a cool light to take a few backlit shots of it. Somehow the place reminds of a trailer park. The most beautiful motifs can be found in the most awkward corners. The small town even has two restaurants. There is also a small village beach. Even a small sandy beach, which has the same name as the village Playa el Puertito. The small town of Cofete seems more like a hippie and dropout area .Because if you live here, you don’t need much. The homes are basic stone houses or have been cobbled together with old doors. In addition, one uses the energy sources that are available in this place. Sun is fed into the solar systems on the roofs and gives the residents electricity to live. Goats give milk to drink and certainly also meat to eat.

  • Playa de Costa Calma
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Known for large complexes and all-inclusive vacationers, the town stretches along the pretty city beaches of Costa Calma and de Sotavento. Nevertheless, there are still chances to spend your vacation as a backpacker and individual traveler. Because even holiday flats are easy to find. In Costa Calma, which translates to quiet coast, are sporting facilities very important. Because the sea is very calm here, it is very well known with beginners of all sports. Windsurfers and divers like to come here. Since the beach slopes into the water, Costa Calma is particularly suitable for families with children to go swimming and take a caravan Fuerteventura.

  • Playa los Canarios

The insider tip for sights on caravan Fuerteventura are the hidden beaches. Playa los Canarios can be reached from the motorway exit. Under the car bridge, you come on the gravel road to the parking lot of the beach. If you are traveling with a camper or van, this is a good insider tip for camping on Fuerteventura.

Benefits of Caravamos

Since this is a nature reserve, staying overnight in a camper of Caravamos company is tolerated and controlled. Staying overnight with a camper can be very romantic, because at night you can watch a dreamy starry sky. Of course, as everywhere else, you should observe the basic rules of  for camping and not set up a camp.


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