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MTC Linen is a wholesale towel supplier bringing style and high quality to its customers. MTC Linen towels are soft, durable, functional, and produced with %100 Turkish cotton, which differs from other towels. Our product range consists of Turkish bath maths, bathrobes, bath sheets, bath towels, hand towels, face towels, and Turkish bath rugs. You can order towels according to your taste and needs, from our variant pattern, color, and size options ranging from 350 to 850 gsm.

MTC Linen is a premium wholesale towel supplier offering high-quality and unique Turkish towels worldwide. Our motto is ensuring customer satisfaction with all our products thanks to our high-quality materials and wide range of color and size options. Our products will contribute to your business success and increase customer satisfaction with their soft and high-quality texture and style.

Bath Sheets

Bath sheets are oversized bath towels for drying your skin after the shower. High-quality Turkish cotton texture and double-stitched edges make our towels soft and stylish. You can wash our products with warm water, but you should avoid fabric softeners and high heat while drying as heat and chemicals can deform your towel’s texture and shorten its lifetime. To preserve your sheet’s absorbency and softness, follow the instructions on the product label.

Bath Towels

The most delicate part of your body is your skin. So you should use soft, high-quality products and treat your skin delicately. As newborns’ and toddlers’ skin are extra delicate, we offer extra soft products for them. You can give the best experience to your guests and loved ones with our stylish, luxury, and soft towels. MTC Linen bath towels consist % of 100 natural, best-quality Turkish cotton grown in the Aegean Region, and their weight ranges from 350 to 850 grams, making them soft, light, and fluffy.

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Our towels are 100% cotton, which makes them highly absorbent and soft. To use our towels longer, you should wash them meticulously. We recommend you wash towels before using them by watching the labels’ warnings. There can be some pilling in the first wash, but this will not affect the texture, softness, or absorbance of the towels and will decrease within each wash.

Hand Towels

A high-quality towel should be soft, absorbent, and light. As a wholesale towel supplier, MTC Linen offers all these with our luxury and stylish products. To ensure softness and absorbency, we use %100 natural Turkish cotton. You can use our hand towels with your family at home or for your guests in hotels and gyms. We know that towels are also accessories for your beautiful home. We offer variable color options and sizes for you to exhibit in the most beautiful corner of your bathroom. As a wholesale towels supplier and manufacturer, MTC Linen serves to satisfy our customer’s tastes and needs by tailoring all towels according to the measures, weight, shape, and color you want.

Face Towels

You can use MTC Linen premium face towels for different purposes in the bathroom, gym, hotel, kitchen, office, and outdoor activities. Our face towels consist of high-quality %100 natural Turkish cotton with different colors and size options. Thanks to high-quality cotton, our face towels are soft and absorbent. You can use it for your loved ones, guests, and toddlers with delicate skin. To use your towel for a long time, we offer you concern instructions on the label before washing. 

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At MTC Linen, we want to give our customers the best quality products at affordable prices. We also provide the best service for delivery and post-sale for wholesale purchasings to ensure our customer satisfaction. Contact us from to take high-quality and style at affordable prices.

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