Mareva injunction

If there is a disagreement between the parties in a lawsuit and one of the parties’ assets during this lawsuit are hidden, abducted and similar cases, Mareva injunction can be taken. In order for this decision to be taken, there must be very strong and obvious doubts. Mareva injunction is not a decision made in every case and is not made on individual request. There must be very strong evidence and it must be proven. The injunction can only be given by the judge and will be valid from the day of the decision. During this period, the party to whom the decision is made cannot touch or sell its assets, and cannot transfer it to another person.

In which cases is Mareva injunction given?

Mareva injunction can be taken for cases where financial losses are likely to occur. However, this needs to be proven and evidence must be put forward. An injunction can be taken by a person by applying to the court in writing. The higher court makes the decision and approves it. Within the scope of the dates of the decision, the property on which the precaution has been taken cannot be sold in any way. Mareva injunction can be taken if the person has the possibility of escaping abroad or if there is a suspicion of selling his assets. Spouses can also take this decision in divorce cases.


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