Will I Get Stopped At The Airport If I Have A Warrant

Everyone knows it: During identification control at the airport, the police takes a close look at the travel files, such as the identity card, sometimes types around and sometimes it takes a suspiciously long time. But what exactly do the border officers check? Almost every traveler gets a bit stress when the border official checks their passport. And that, although most of them actually have nothing to hide. But that’s exactly why many people wonder why ID control sometimes takes a little longer and why the officer looks so serious. Will you be arrested when leaving or entering a foreign country at the airport if you still have a fine due to lawbreaker matters and no arrest warrant has yet been issued? The district court says that they don’t have an arrest warrant, but they don’t know if the counselor has one. Do you have to worry about that?

Unauthorized Entry and Entry Bans As Reasons For An Arrest At An Airport

An arrest warrant can also be issued against you while you are abroad. For the issuance of an arrest warrant, there must be strong suspicion of a lawbreaker crime. On the other hand, one of the following reasons for detention must exist: flight, danger of collusion or repetition. In addition, detention must be proportionate to the alleged offence. The reason that you are abroad is not in itself sufficient reason to assume that there is a problem of absconding. However, it is likely that you will be asked to return to your country. If you also have assets or an accommodation permit in another country, this may be sufficient to assume that there is a danger of absconding.

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Before returning to your country, it is highly advisable to consult the lawyers in advance. A team will explain what to expect when you arrive at the airport or anywhere else and how to react. Early advice can help avoid difficult situations while ensuring you are aware of your legal choices. If you fly in and find yourself arrested at the airport, a team of lawyers will provide you with support in all legitimate matters.

An entry and accommodation ban is to be issued against a foreigner who has been expelled or deported. As a result of the entry and ban, the foreigner may neither re-enter nor stay in the territory, nor may he be granted an accommodation permit, even in the event of a claim under this law.

Entering a country despite an existing entry ban is a dangerous undertaking, as there is a problem of high fines or imprisonment. However, entry bans can be lifted or shortened with the right legitimate advice. We recommend that you talk to the immigration attorneys before entering a country. If you are arrested at an airport for allegedly violating an entry ban, it is important to consult legitimate guidance as soon as possible.

An Interpol notice issued against you can also be a reason for an arrest at an airport. The notices restrict the liberties of the individual against whom they are issued, because as soon as they cross a border or enter an airport, they face immediate arrest and subsequent deportation.


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