How To Create Your Own Travel Map Free

When you travel, you walk paths that you have not walked before. You discover new cities, villages, coasts, forests or plains. You have already drawn the route beforehand or at least you have a map so that you can find your way around. As you travel, you can remember many names and areas. But those memories fade once you’re back in everyday life. Luckily you took photos! But finding the large folding map every time to make your journey easy is quite cumbersome. A digitized card would be worth its weight! A map showing all the places and areas you’ve seen. To be honest, we found the creation of such a travel map quite time-consuming. We’ve searched for useful element and snippets of maps, but never found what we wanted. We painstakingly provided the cities with numbers and listed the places we’ve been to. The biggest trouble we had was that a lot of data was displayed on the map that we didn’t need at all: cities that we didn’t visit, street names or altitudes of mountains that we didn’t climb. You wished for an empty map in which only what is pertinent is visible – namely the details about your own trip. If you’re also a lover of travel map, then rejoice: We’re introducing you to the tool today!

Choose The Map Design

In the first step you select the location of the world map that you want your map to show later. You can use the wheel to change the size of the selection frame.

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Set Places and Icons

Now comes the exciting and very relaxed part of step map: You can now draw in the places and have them positioned in the right place. To do this, click anywhere on the map and enter the place name. You get to the selection section with the search tool. Once you’ve entered the name and searched for it, you can select the correct place. The dot and place name move to the correct spot on the map.

Travel Map

Insert Details

If you use your map on the internet, you can make it interactive for the viewer in this step. Here you can provide the places with additional data such as descriptions, tutorials or pics. On this page you will find an interactive sample map of a country.

Save Map

We’re almost there! Here, give your map a name and sort it according to location. You can easily find them in your user area, edit them later and easily call them up again. You can download your finished map, publish it on another page or on a media channel of your choice.


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