Which Type Of Luggage For Which Trip?

Choosing the right luggage always depends on what kind of travel you have planned and how long it lasts. Our overview will help you to choose the right piece of luggage.

The Short Trip

In business life, it often happens that you have to spend a few days in another city to attend important meetings or seminars. But people interested in heritage and shopping are also drawn to foreign cities for a few days. This piece of luggage is easy to handle and doesn’t get tiring even on longer trips – because nowadays you don’t have to laboriously lug your suitcase around, you just pull it to follow you. The dimensions of suitcases are defined in such a way that you can check them in as hand luggage on flights. This saves time at the airport and you always have your suitcase with you. However, pay attention to the relevant luggage procedures, also with regard to liquids.


The Exciting Trip

You got the travel fever and you are planning to go on a longer trip? The easiest way to travel is with a large backpack. It offers you a practical variants to a suitcase in busy cities as well as in mountainous territory and even on the exciting beach. An experienced backpacker backpack basically accompanies you everywhere and is always reliable thanks to its firm hold and pleasant wearing – simply strap it on and off you go adventure. And the good thing about the backpack: you always have your hands free to take magnificent photos or check new travel details on your phone. If you want to pack the backpack completely, you should pay attention to functionality and good load distribution when buying it. There are also smaller ones for women.

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The Well-Deserved Vacation

Holidays at long last – in the midst of packing pressure you’ll be glad if you have a large suitcase that offers you plenty of space for all your clothes, shoes and personal accessoires. The most easy thing is probably the large case, which is now available in many different variants, sizes and motifs. Which size is the right one depends on the duration of the trip and the place of your vacation.

Carry-On Baggage

Hand luggage is usually a matter to very strict procedures with regard to dimensions and weight, so that it can also be stowed under the front seat. Particularly cheap airlines take a strict look at the carry on luggage, which often ends in an additional payment and a task as checked luggage.


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