Packing The Suitcase For The Weekend Vacation

You’ve been looking forward to your long-awaited vacation for days or weeks , just to relax again and then the difficulties come up just before – what should I pack? Did I forgot something? Usually you pack far too much for a long weekend, because you want to be prepared for all possibilities. After all, it could rain or even snow. Nevertheless, we try to pack less and plan some space for the new achievements on the shopping. So that this does not have to happen to you again and you can start your short vacation in a comfortable way, we have put together a small packing selection and collected some helpful advices. When it comes to pack 2 to 3-day for a weekend, the following applies: less is more! In advance you can think about what is on your plan, so maybe your bathing suit or winter pants will fall out. You should also check the weather forecasts to know if the umbrella needs space in the suitcase. Now let’s move on to the specifically packing:

Reduce yourself to classics that you can spice up with accessories. Choose a pair of jeans that are hard-wearing and easy to style. Whether with a pullover, rain jacket or good with a blazer, they always fit! In addition, they can be combined with casual shoes for sightseeing during the day and with high heels or leather models for going out in the evening. It is particularly helpful if all the items of clothing match each other. Therefore, choose a simple t-shirt or shirt. If it gets a little colder in the evening, you should also pack a vest. There is always a dress for women, it can be worn casual as well as elegant and suits every moment. Two pairs of shoes for a weekend are enough. Flat shoes for running and a little smarter footwear for the evening. Not to forget of course, are underwear and if necessary, swimwear. Stockings should not be missing either and still find a place in the suitcase, even if only in the shoes. Important – what is often forgotten: sleep wear so remember to pack something for the night!

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Find A Few Matching Accessories

Scarf – tie, belt, jewellery, umbrella and sunglasses. They turn every outfit into an eye-catcher. Essential travel files, identification, first-aid kit, chargers, wallet and maybe a travel guide.

Now Everything Has To Go In The Suitcase

Put the different outfits together at home and roll them together. So you have the mixture quickly at hand on holiday, the clothes don’t crease and you save space! For thicker pieces like sweaters, you may want to roll them individually.

However, should unacceptable creases appear: hang the item of clothing on a hanger in the bathroom and briefly turn on the hot water in the shower. The hot steam flattens most items of clothing again. Bring a larger purse to pack purchases in for the return trip. Important: Before you leave, check again whether you have all your travel ID’s and valuables with you and then you can finally start the weekend!


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