Things To Do In Cancun

Cancun is located on a paradisiacal peninsula. The beautiful beaches, lush green coastline and vibrant nightlife are just the few of the taco you could say. Cancun and the surrounding area have more attractions. Here, thanks to the mystical ruins, you can follow the traces of the Mayan civilization, spend a paradisiacal beach vacation or enjoy the  nightlife of Mexico. Cancún and the surrounding area will inspire you!

Regardless of whether your holiday budget is large or small, whether you want to live in the heart of Cancún or spend the night on the outskirts, there is something here for every taste, holiday and budget. Let us go on a little  journey to the beautiful Mexican coastal city. So what do we want to experience?

Explore The Sea: In The Underwater Museum

One of Cancun’s newest attractions is the Underwater Museum. No, you don’t just stroll through museum halls. This museum is a great experience for all snorkelers and divers, because you admire the sculpture park. In the underwater art museum, each sculpture is made of a certain material, on which new reefs are to form, which are habitats for marine life. The artificial reefs should relieve the natural ones, which suffer from overfishing and pollution and are not least affected by diving on the Mexican coast.


Canún and The Surrounding Area

Do you love to explore culture through food while on holiday? Then it is all the better that the food culture in Cancún and the surrounding area has taken on the flag to keep Mexican food in focus. Experience the burrito and tacos. Long live the Mexican cuisine.

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The Playa Delifines Impresses With Its Tranquility

Because although this beach is a popular place, you will certainly find a quiet place on the spacious playa.  The sand is not quite as fine as on other Cancun beaches, but it is still a dream for the children to play. On this beach many find what they miss on other commercial beaches. Seclusion. There are no hotels in close proximity, which is why many vacationers at Playa Delfines find the relaxed beach experience they are looking for in Cancun.


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