Solo Travel Tips, Destinations And Safety Advices For Solo Travelers

Traveling alone is always an adventure: you are on your own in all situations, but you can also decide one hundred percent  about your destination and itinerary. Many people find it difficult to travel on their own, but the experience is always inspiring. If you don’t join a tour or book a holiday at a resort, but actually go out into the world alone, you usually have concerns, especially when it comes to safety. Don’t let this put you off your holiday, as following a few basic tips is usually enough to travel safely on your own.

Solo Travel Destinations

Do not travel to countries where you would be uncomfortable even if accompanied. Of course, vacationers are not safe where extreme poverty or war prevails. In addition, choose a travel destination that has a good infrastructure and is developed for travelling. In this way you avoid overly adventurous journeys and situations in which you are the only holidaymaker in the area.

Solo Travel Tips

This tip is as banal as it is essential. Solo travelers would do well to avoid outskirts and remote beautiful outdoor areas. You are usually safer in busy places, especially after dark. Should you nevertheless have a queasy feeling, go purposefully and if possible do not allow yourself to be spoken to.

Always Have Important Contacts At Hand

Especially if you are traveling outside of Europe, you should definitely have the contact information of the embassy ready so that you can contact an employee in an emergency. For your own sense of security, it is also helpful to have an accomplice at home who is always informed where you are and who you report to regularly. Don’t forget: He should also get your details.

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Solo Traveler Safety Advices

Listen to your gut feeling. A good dose of common sense ensures the correct assessment in many situations. If you feel uncomfortable, just turn around and walk away. However, most of the people you meet will mean well and will be happy to help you. You will feel that too.

Approach People

Exchange ideas with other travelers, but above all with experienced ones. This will not only provide you with valuable details about sights, but you will also get to know the culture of your travel destination better. The greatest travel guide isn’t paper, it’s flesh and blood. Locals can also give you tips on rules of conduct and possible warnings.

Be One Among Many

Wearing clothes that are too flashy will make you stand out from the crowd, which isn’t always an advantage. Dress similarly to the general population and pay particular attention to the dress code. Uncovered shoulders and legs cause offense in many countries. It can also be helpful to leave your travel backpack at the hotel whenever possible. It is good not to take expensive watches or jewelry with you on your trip.


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