Most Affordable Travel Insurances

Travel insurance offers you financial reimbursement in various conditions. With the comparison for affordable travel insurance, you can quickly and reliably find the right insurance at the lowest price. Our comparison calculator contains a variety of trendy insurance policies for couples and families. The travel cancellation, travel interruption, luggage and travel health insurance can each be taken out individually or as a package.

In These Cases, Travel Cancellation Insurance Can Help

Travel interruption insurance is a variant of insurance. It pays if you have to interrupt a trip prematurely or extend it unscheduled – provided there is a serious and unexpected reason for the interruption. That would be the case, for example, if a close relative or a fellow traveler suddenly dies and you have to travel home early as a result.

Even if you fall ill or suffer a serious accident while on vacation, the travel interruption insurance covers the consequences of your premature return. Even if your employer unexpectedly resigns you during the trip, you will be provided with comprehensive offers. There is also insurance coverage if you miss your return flight because your trip to the airport by transport is delayed by at least two hours through no fault of your own.

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Travel Health Insurance Benefits

The benefits of travel health insurance include reimbursement for medication that you need in the course of your treatment while on vacation. Depending on the provider, these expenses are covered up to 100 %. For dental treatments abroad, simple fillings and repairs of existing dentures are usually taken over. The transport to the nearest hospital is also included in the travel health insurance coverage. If you have to return home promptly because satisfactory medical care is not sure in your holiday destination, the insurer will also cover the costs of the patient repatriation.

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Baggage Insurance Benefits

Which items of luggage are covered by luggage insurance and the amount that they are reimbursed for can vary from insurer to insurer. It is therefore important to look up the exact scope of offers in the contractual situation. All items that you have with you for your private needs are insured as regular. Gifts that you bought during the trip will also be reimbursed in the event of an insurance claim.

When you take out baggage insurance, you can determine the amount you want to insure your baggage – for example with 1,500 or 3,000 dollars. The high market coverage of our comparison ensures that you can easily find the right price for your individual protection requirements and make the most of your savings. You can take out luggage insurance individually with other insurance policies.


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