Cheapest 5 International Travel Insurances

Food poisoning from eating or a twisted foot during a hike can spoil any vacation. So that you don’t have to pay for a visit to the doctor, an international travel insurance is a must for every vacation outside your country. Otherwise, a visit to the clinic can quickly blow up the vacation budget: a one day hospital in the USA costs several thousand dollars, a medical return transport from Italy around 10,000 euros for example.

This Is How Much Your Private Health Insurance Pays

Private health insurance usually also provides protection in the countries of the European Union. Outside of Europe, however, the insurance cover is often only valid for one month. Good private health insurance rates extend the period to several months or even offer unlimited protection. Nevertheless, as a privately insured human, you should check whether you need international travel insurance before going on holiday. Because not all private travel insurances cover all costs abroad. In many cases, the return transport in particular is not insured.

international travel insurance

Which Insurances Are Recommended For Short Vacation Trips?

Travel insurance abroad is cheap. It costs less than 10 euros a year for singles and around 20 euros for families. So everyone can afford very good protection. In the most recent tests, it is examined the regular insurance conditions for shorter trips and their comprehensibility, as well as the benefits of numerous insurances.

In this comparison, the travel insurances offer achieved the top rating for individuals and is also very cheap. The insurance also received a very good rating among the family rates. From our point of view, this offer is therefore a good choice for both singles and families. However, only minor children are insured.

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Health Insurance For The Year Abroad

If you have statutory health insurance, your child can remain insured as an exchange student in the family insurance. As described above, however, the health insurance company in other EU countries only pays benefits that legally insured people would receive in the destination country. Outside the EU, insurance coverage depends on whether a security agreement stipulates that the costs will be covered. If there is none, you have to pay all expenses yourself without additional insurance.

If there is an agreement, some costs are usually covered. However, important services such as a return transport to your country are not covered. It can also happen that you have to pay high co-payments for treatments. You should therefore under no circumstances do without additional health insurance abroad.


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