Most Affordable Places To Live In Florida

In a recent study of fiscal strength, Florida was classified as the strongest state in the United States. In this assessment, all 50 states were assessed for their cash, solvency, long-term solvency, ability to provide quality and affordable life, and the size of uncovered benefits.

Florida has secured first place in the USA. Partly due to a large amount of cash that was ten times larger than necessary to cover the state’s short-term liabilities. State liabilities accounted for just 34 % of total assets, which is significantly lower than the nationwide average of 60 %. In addition, the Florida state’s pension payments are backed by good financial policies. In the ingenious determination of the places by the sea, the researchers focused primarily on affordability, weather, safety and education. The factors also included water temperatures and water quality, the number of restaurants per inhabitant or the number of houses in foreclosure. Only cities with between 10,000 and 150,000 inhabitants were examined.

The groceries are a bit more expensive in Florida and you should take part in the discounts and take advantage of promotions. It is often the case that you find a coupon in a store and you get a discount on a certain food. Sometimes you can get two groceries for the price of one. Clothing is cheaper in Florida than in other states because there are big outlets everywhere where you can shop cheaply. The gasoline price in Florida is also cheaper and if you want to buy a car too. Insurance in Florida is similar to that in other states and you should inform yourself beforehand if you want to live in Florida.

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Rents have increased in recent years, with a decent 1 bedroom apartment in a decent area in the greater Orlando area starting at $ 750. Downtown Orlando is far more expensive. Houses are still quite cheap to buy. With Airbnb you can get a night in an apartment for 18 dollars / night, reasonable hotels from around 60/70 USD / night. There is local transport but it doesn’t go everywhere and it doesn’t run that often. Car therefore is strongly recommended. Locals pay around 30-35 dollars for a full tank of small cars. Shopping is unbeatably cheap. In addition to the outlet, people prefer to shop at Colonial Plaza or Waterford Lakes.


The historic city of St. Augustine in northeast Florida also made it into the top 5. But everyone can imagine that somewhere in Tampa – Florida, where there is no tourist place like Orlando, you can certainly live cheaper.


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