Italian National Dish – What To Eat In Italy

There are many reasons why Italian cuisine is so a trend and well known around the world. Italian cuisine captivates with its precious, healthy and delicious flavors and with dishes that have quality and developments. It is a journey of delicacies, handed down from generation to generation, carried around the world. One reason why Italian recipes are so well known is that they are so easy to prepare.


The crispy base and the delicious ingredients for the topping ensure a nice taste all over the world. Of course we’re talking about what is probably Italy’s most famous specialty. Today’s, internationally widespread variant with tomato sauce and cheese as a base probably comes from Napoli and even today the Italians are of the opinion that the greatest pizzas are in the this port city. The toppings can vary depending on the recipe, making for a tremendous variety. Who doesn’t know them: The Margherita or Prosciutto.

Italian National Dish - What To Eat In Italy
Italian National Dish – What To Eat In Italy


Risotto is one of the classics of Italian kitchen and is particularly trend in northern part of the country. There are numerous variations of it and each is based on cooked risotto rice, wine, meat or chicken broth, onions and hard cheese, usually parmesan. Seasoned with saffron. The combination of red wine risotto with lamb is also well known.


Of course, the steaming pasta in various variations and in the most diverse tastes should not be missing from our list of the most well known specialties in Italy. The most famous variant in this country is undoubtedly the spaghetti. But there is so much more: ravioli, fettuccine, linguine, farfalle, tagliatelle and the list could go on forever.

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Meat and Sausage 

In addition to its cheese specialties, Italy is also known for its meat variations. Who doesn’t know it, for example – the well known air-dried Parma ham. Another culinary highlight is the sweet San Daniele ham. But also mortadella, salsiccia or cacciatore are inevitably among Italy’s meat specialties.


There is hardly any need to say more about this specialty. It can taste divine, heavenly light and a treat for all the senses. The tiramisu comes from Veneto and has a culinary conquest around the world behind it. Tiramisu consists of alternating layers of ladyfingers and a cream of mascarpone, egg yolk and sugar or egg whites. The biscuits are soaked in cold espresso, which can also be flavored with amaretto, brandy or another beverage.


Antipasto is the Italian term for starter and is a combination of several smaller dishes as the start of a menu. Antipasti include air-dried cold cuts such as salami or ham, accompanied by fried vegetables in olive oil such as peppers, aubergines or mushrooms. Antipasti also includes smoked fish, seafood and roasted slices of bread with savory toppings. Another appetizer is the bruschetta, which comes from southern Italy. It is toasted bread rubbed with garlic, drizzled with olive oil and then salted and peppered.


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