How To Travel To Hawaii With A Dog

Hawaii requires that all live animals transported or brought into that state have health and rabies vaccination dated no more than 10 days prior to travel. Pets are not permitted as carry-on baggage on flights to Hawaii.

If you want to enter Hawaii with your dog, you should note the entry requirements of the country. Because it is not always enough to show the pet ID and certain vaccinations – in some areas you must also expect a mandatory quarantine.

How To Travel To Hawaii With A Dog
How To Travel To Hawaii With A Dog

Entry Requirements For Hawaii and Other Islands

If you’re planning to travel to Hawaii, be prepared for tougher immigration requirements than the rest of the United States. If you want to travel to the US islands, you have to reckon that your dog will have to remain in quarantine for up to 120 days before it can actually enter the country. If it is determined here on site that your dog is in poor health, your animal travel partner may have to undergo further examinations – and thus also costs for you as the owner. You should definitely take a look before every flight with an animal companion which throw the conditions of carriage of your chosen airline. Here you will find all the important rules and guidelines for dogs on the plane: are they even allowed to come along? Which transport boxes can you use? When can a four-legged friend fly in the cabin with you? All of this varies from airline to airline and must be clarified before travel.

If the rabies vaccination is missing, the authorities will carry out this vaccination and the animal will be quarantined for at least one month. The costs for vaccination and accommodation of the animal are borne by the owner. Dogs under the age of 12 weeks or arriving from an area designated rabies-free by the US Health Service are exempt from this rule. Quarantine rules are stricter for Hawaii and the territory, both of which are considered rabies-free. Here the animals have to be quarantined.

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