How To Get Cheap Flights

Finding the cheapest flights has become almost a competition. Booking flights has become easy. But finding the cheap flights for yourself is a challenge.

Here are my instructions on how to go about finding flights. Incidentally, the more and more often I fly, the more important I attach to getting to my destination as quickly as possible. Preferably with a night flight. For this I am happy to pay 100 – 200 dollars more for plane tickets. But I’m also not a student or trainee who has to pay attention to every penny. Fortunately, that time is long gone.

Book Flights Early

I’m spontaneous and don’t like planning very much. But planning and booking early really pays off. Last-minute bargains are very rare. Rule of thumb for domestic flights: The flights are cheap if you book about 6 weeks in advance. According to this study, tickets are then 40-50% cheaper than on the day of departure. The prices rise rapidly the closer the departure gets .For long flights (especially when traveling at popular travel times) you should watch the prices for flights earlier.

Cheap Flights

Flexibility Pays Off

Be flexible about departure and arrival days. The cheapest day of departure is not always during the week, but sometimes Friday. However, only early in the morning or late in the evening. For flights within Europe, Monday is usually the cheapest return day. Experience has shown that Sunday is the most expensive then. But if you come back from a long-distance trip, Sunday is often the cheapest. Therefore: Take your time and check exactly what the flights cost 1-2 days earlier or later. You also have to be flexible when it comes to departure times.

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Avoid The Main Travel Season On Vacation

The main travel season is the holiday time. The demand is high, tickets are scarce because everyone wants to travel. If possible, avoid school holidays or regular holidays or travel from another state in which there are no holidays yet. Also check in the country of arrival whether it is a holiday or vacation time.

Use Flight Search Engines

The good way to find cheap flights are so-called flight search engines. They search all websites of the airlines in order to find the cheapest offer or the fastest flight for you. I prefer flights and if possible avoid having to change planes more than once. The time that is lost when changing planes is immense. The chance that your luggage won’t make it is just as great.


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