French National Dish – What To Eat In France

French cuisine has long since made a name for itself across national borders and in this country we also love our croissant for the weekend breakfast, the baguette is a must for grilling, the Camembert is a part of the cheese platter and macarons are the pastry of the hour. The influence on cuisine is evident in all those beautiful-sounding French terms that chefs juggle. But the art of cuisine can of course only be experienced in France.

Mindful Enjoyment

Eating in France is much more than just eating. Instead, it is enjoyed together with all the senses. It starts with the preparation. The motto is homemade instead of quick and unpacked. In the morning, the famous cafe is a must, traditionally accompanied by a baguette with jam or usually at the weekend, a croissant. Lunch usually consists of three courses, entrée, plat and dessert – just like dinner, which is a bit lighter, but is often extended. Afterwards, everyone chats about the day over a coffee. Take some time to enjoy yourself on holiday and let this relaxation flow into your everyday life.

French National Dish - What To Eat In France
French National Dish – What To Eat In France

In the south of France, the cuisine is influenced by Spanish and Italian foods. Fresh seafood should not be missing on the Côte d’Azur. Ingredients such as tomatoes and garlic, refined with herbs, radiate Mediterranean flair. Of course you shouldn’t miss the culinary from Provence, a ratatouille, but you also have to try the following ones.

Sea Specialties For Those Who Want The Sea

Exceptional gourmet dishes from fine cuisine, creamy cheese and sweet treats: such a rich gourmet awaits you in Normandy. In the largest mussel region in the country, this seafood specialty is of course at the top of every meal. In the interior of the country, the handmade Camembert dominates the kitchen and the numerous apple trees, which you can admire in their delicate pink blossoms in spring, provide the region with delicious cider. All in all, Normandy cuisine is quite bitter and shaped by the food that agriculture has to offer.

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Mussels and Salty Butter

Fish lovers feel like they’re in heaven in Brittany. On the largest peninsula in the country, excellent seafood specialties based on farm are only too popular. You can also bring your hunger with you, because the portions are large. The Beurre salé butter, refined with sea salt, gives the dishes that certain something. If you fancy a culinary adventure, dare to try frog legs in the south of the region. Incidentally, in contrast to the rest of France, less wine is drunk in this region, but the Breton drink, cider, should not be missing.

Hearty and Sparkling

It should come as no surprise that Champagne is trend. The sparkling drink is not only sipped in the region between Lorraine and Picardy, but is also used in numerous dishes. But that doesn’t mean that only fine stomachs spoiled by quality are filled here. On the contrary: the food in Champagne is above all hearty and hearty. If you are looking for a sweet kick, a truffle praline refined Champagne will help.


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