COVID-19 Travel Insurance

Are you planning your next vacation? But what if you or your travel companions contract the pandemic before or during your vacation? In this case, not all the benefits of typical travel cancellation insurance always apply. Why? Corona is currently leveled as a pandemic. As such, it is not included in regular insurance coverage. The COVID-19 protect travel insurance upgrades your travel protection during the pandemic – in the event of a related cancellation, a delayed return journey in the event of illness or quarantine measures.

Which travel health insurances cover Corona and which do not? The fact is: With some travel health insurance policies, the situation is usually excluded. This means that there is no insurance cover in the event of a pandemic illness. The same applies to insurance policies that do not cover trips to countries for which the foreign office has issued a travel warning. The following overview shows you which insurance companies offer protection.

Current Data On The Coronavirus and Your Insurance Cover In Travel Health Insurance

Please always observe the travel advice of the foreign office. Current data and travel warnings for your destination country can be found on the site of the foreign office. If you are unsure whether your trip can go ahead as planned, please contact your operator or airline first. They can tell you whether a free rebooking or cancellation of your trip is possible. Please check your insurance files if you want to know if your travel health insurance covers an infection. You will find all details on insured benefits and exclusions from benefits in the insurance conditions.

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You can take out our COVID-19 protect travel insurance together with one of our cancellation insurances on the same day. The combination of these tariffs can only be concluded before the start of the trip and when booking the trip, but no later than 1 month before the planned start of the trip. Did you book the trip within 1 month of the start of the trip? Then the insurance can only be taken out on the day of booking the trip or at the latest within the next days.


Until When Can I Take Out The Additional COVID Protection?

If you are already insured with a company in advance with an annual travel cancellation insurance or an annual travel package, you can book the supplementary up to 1 month before the start of the trip at the latest. The same applies here: If you booked the trip within 1 month before the start of the trip, you can only take out the insurance on the day the trip is booked or within the next days at the latest.

What If I Or One Of My Persons Falls Ill With Corona And We Have To Cancel Our Trip?

If it is foreseeable that you will not be able to travel, please inform your travel provider immediately. You must first pay the costs incurred for a cancellation in advance. Please submit the relevant receipts with the complete booking files, proof of insurance and a receipt showing the date of illness and the diagnosis. This can be a certificate, a laboratory finding or confirmation of the disease. If you have to go into quarantine individually, you can prove this to us by means of an official certificate stating the duration and reason for the quarantine.

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