Colosseum Underground Tour with Roman Forum & Palatine Hill

The Colosseum was actually called the Flavio amphitheater and was built in the years 72 – 80 AD under Emperor Vespasian. Additional taxes were levied for the financing and they did not hesitate to plunder a temple in Jerusalem. When Vespasians died in 79, the largest stone arena for around 50,000 spectators with two floors was almost complete and was still being consecrated by him.


The Colosseum is located in Piazza del Colosseo and can be easily reached by taking the underground line B. You have to reserve the entrance to the Colosseum, because only 3000 visitors are allowed into the Colosseum at the same time. It is open every day except Christmas and New Year.


You need a ticket to visit the Colosseum. The skip the line tickets for the Colosseum are limited in time. It is a ticket and entitles you to visit the Colosseum, the Roman Forum and the Palatine Hill. The areas are separated from each other. The  ticket is valid for two days. So you can visit ancient Rome in peace and quiet over two days, although you are only allowed to visit each area once.


Are you wondering which of the many Colosseum tours is right for you? On this page you will find a comprehensive guide to Colosseum Underground Tour including: Private Tours, Group Tours, Night Tours, Tours for Children and Families, and more.


Colosseum Underground Tour


The Colosseum’s underground blocks are also an area that must be visited. The Colosseum Underground tour takes you to the underground chambers where the gladiators trained and prepared for the fights. You will also see the sections where the cages for the tigers and lions were.

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Most underground tours also include access to the arena. Colosseum underground tickets price depends on the provider and you can easily find the cheapest underground  . The duration is about 3 hours. Discover where the gladiators prepared for their fights and caged animals were kept.


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