Christmas Markets in Poland

Winter is approaching, the first snow is already in front of the door. The air smells of almonds, mulled wine and cinnamon. The Christmas markets in Poland have already opened their doors. For this reason, the Polish travel agency has prepared a list of the most beautiful Polish markets.


Hundreds of people gather again at the Christmas market in Warsaw’s Old Town to enjoy the spirit and taste some delicacies. You will not only find delicious baked goods, tea and mulled wine there. You can also buy wonderful gifts for family and friends at the market. You can also go ice skating on the market square in the old town in a nice atmosphere.


The Christmas market in Wrocław is one of the largest and most famous in the whole country. Both Polish handicrafts and works from other corners of the world, such as jewelry from Africa or dream catchers from South America await the guests. In addition there is of course hot mulled wine, cookies and Polish, as from foreign delicacies. For example, visitors can try pancakes or cured meats and cheeses.


The Kraków Market is also very well known and is considered one of the most beautiful markets in Poland. The city full of sights has a very nice flair in winter, which intensifies the pre-Christmas mood. In addition to mulled wine, products such as beetroot soup or cookies are also offered on the Christmas market square in the old town. Events, a meeting with Santa Claus and singing carols together are also planned.

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A topic that has been much discussed in the media this year are the prices on the markets, which have increased notably due to inflation. A mulled wine costs at least 15 złoty in big cities like Warsaw or Wrocław. For a larger mug, put twice as much. A loaf of bread with that? You pay at least 18 złoty and even more if you want something else. Depending on the size, you pay 20 to 60 złoty -around 4 to 12 euros for a smoked cheese like Oscypek. According to reports in Poland, a portion of Bigos starts at 25 złoty. 

All trips are carried out with our modern fleet, so that the journey with our guides offers a high level of comfort. A tour guide at Polish travel agency offers you a lot of details about the Christmas market. If you have any questions about a day trip to one of the numerous markets in Poland, please contact us .We’re here to help!


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