Bikini Guide For Body Types

Every year before the start of the holiday, the first rays of sun herald a feverish search for the bikini. The difficulty is in finding the swimsuit that will accentuate your charms while concealing the little problem areas you might have to make sure you look gorgeous! The variety of models, not only regular but also new, the trends, the fashion colors can confuse you. The secret is to choose swimwear that matches your body type and then let your taste run wild.

Triangular Body Type

You have a triangular body shape when you have narrow shoulders, a well-defined waist, and your hips are wider than your chest. Because your lower body is wider than your upper body, it is crucial to balance your body by emphasizing the upper half and drawing attention away from the lower half. Tops: With cups, fringes, ruffles, anything that emphasizes the breast. Push-up bras are great for smaller breasts while the underwired bikini top with straight shoulder straps will benefit larger breasts.

Bottoms: Solid color is good but not too much coverage because you want to avoid a bulky style. A bikini top without side knots on the hips, not too narrow or protruding on the sides and only provided with flat jewelry.

Rectangular Body Type

You have an H form body shape when your shoulders and hips are the same width and your waist is poorly defined or not defined at all. Your body is fairly straight with few curves. The key is to choose a swimsuit that will redefine your waistline and add volume to your upper and lower body.

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A triangle top for the squareness of the shoulders. Opt for padded or unpadded, simple or with a neck band, push-up or fringed or frilled, and so on. Foral and speckled patterns all accentuate the chest. To make your look more feminine, treat yourself to a very female top.

Round Body Type

If you have a voluptuous body, make the most of it – embarrassment is inappropriate! Your ally on the beach is a swimwear that will accentuate your cleavage, define your waist, and draw attention away from your lower abdomen. A balconette top with underwire that not only supports the cleavage, but also emphasizes it. Color is fine, but avoid anything too flashy.

Bottoms: Bikini bottoms that you can fold as much or as little as you like to hide your little tummy. The high-waisted bikinis define the waist and, above all, their vintage style is fashionable and chic!


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