Best Camper Vans In Fuerteventura

Camper van Fuerteventura is a great experience for sun-seekers, water activity lovers and hikers because of its year-round mild climate. The perfect way to explore Fuerteventura is by camper vans. You can experience the specific appeal of the diverse beauties of the Fuerteventura at your own pace. Whether active or beach holiday, there is something for everyone here.

On the long, white beaches of Costa Calma, there are good conditions on the lagoon to try your first attempts at surfing. Anyone who wants to see the pros can do so at the Surfing Championships, which take place annually in summer. Here you can take hours of nice beach and dune walks with a view of the islands and Lanzarote. The beach of Cofete is deserted and lonely. The backdrop to this stretch of beach is formed by the great mountains, some of which are up to 800 m high. The bright beach near Esquinzo is also suitable for a relaxing family holiday with a camper van Fuerteventura.

Round trip With The Camper Van

The proposed round trip is prepared to be mastered by a camper van. The reason is simple: If you are traveling with a camper van, you remain more flexible and also save money on expensive overnight stays. A total of about seven to nine days should be planned for the trip. If you like it, it is of course possible to stay longer at individual spots.

The first stage leads to the southern half of Fuerteventura. From there, Costa Calma on the south-east coast is headed for. Although this is one of the biggest spots on the island, it is definitely worth a visit for its beach. White sand and clean water promise real pleasure – especially for beginners because the waves and wind are usually not that strong there. How the waves are depends on the current weather – sometimes the waves are only conditionally suitable for surfing. But the wind is usually sufficient, so windsurfing is a great variant.

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Benefits of Caravamos

Fuerteventura is a sought-after travel destination that attracts numerous tourists every year. However, the second largest island of the Canary Islands is not very well known among young people. But the Caravamos company is a paradise for camper vans. offers first class bays. The beaches consist of great white sand and at the same time promise good waves and, above all, good feeling in the camper van Fuerteventura for a nice holiday.


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