Best Places for Solo Female Travelers

It’s the solo travel that’s so appealing. The chance to be completely independent and enjoy the new freedom is convincing more and more women. But anyone who has ever traveled alone as a woman knows that it’s not always that easy. Loneliness, foreign cultures or simply the fear that something will happen are problems for lonely travelers. We have put together a selection of safe travel destinations around the world for you, as well as many useful tips that you can use to relax and enjoy your trips alone as a woman.

Traveling Alone As A Woman – Why You Should Try It!

Before you get an overview of some of the safest travel destinations for women traveling alone, here are a few reasons why you should travel solo in the first place:

Consciously spend a whole day just with yourself: You’ve never gotten to know yourself better, we promise! Self-confidence boost: Suddenly it’s quite normal to sit down in a place in the evening and order a drink. Finally you can be completely selfish and decide how you want to spend the day without any compromises. Being a whole new person is not an issue: nobody knows you! So it’s all the less tragic if something embarrassing happens to you or you make a mistake. Nobody can take a photo of your mishaps either.

Norway, Finland and Sweden

Whether in the land of many fjords, the world’s greatest place for the northern lights or the home of Long stocking: The Nordic countries are good for solo travel. The locals are known to be laid-back and reserved, but above all the happiest people in the world. If you feel alone, don’t be afraid to talk to someone: everyone is very helpful! Apart from that, Norway, Sweden and Finland convince with deserted landscapes, breathtaking nature, beautiful cities and are worth a trip both in warm and in cold months.

Great Britain

The UK is great for women on solo travelling. In Oxford, you can stroll around the university’s sprawling or hit the nightlife in London. Here it is common for people to sit alone in a bar. For the ultimate experience, a trip to the coast and a helping of fish and chips is a must. In Wales and Scotland there is a contrasting schedule: both countries are great for camping in the rugged, beautiful nature to relax. The only rule is: “Leave no trace”.

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