Best Dog-Friendly Hotels In Europe

More and more people are taking their four-legged friends with them on vacation. Hotels recognize this trend and are investing in dog-friendly amenities. The basic equipment of dog-friendly accommodations includes a separate dog sleeping area including a dog cushion in the room. Other establishments pamper their guests on four paws with unusual offers and exclusive things such as dog training, foods, their own bathing pond, experienced dog washing facilities including a hair dryer or workout offers and massages.

The dog friendly hotel team has developed its own categorization for the presentation of dog-friendly facilities. Similar to hotel stars, the Doggies indicate how dog-friendly the property is. A doggy means that dogs are allowed in the hotel. Six Doggies means the hotel categorizes in dogs and dog owners. Both dog and owner feel right at home in the hotel.

Hotel Mair Italy

As the most well known dog hotel in Italy, the Hotel Mair emerged from the ranking of the awards this year. The Prünster family runs the hotel with heart and soul and, together with the dogs, makes sure that the two and four legged holiday guests lack nothing. Daily walks with the hostess, dog swimming together, dog hikes and trips to the dog adventure playground are offered. Other features are the dog training sessions on the hotel’s own dog meadow.

Best Dog-Friendly Hotels In Europe
Best Dog-Friendly Hotels In Europe

Hotel Gravas Lodge Switzerland

The famous dog hotel in Switzerland is located in the canton of Graubünden. At the Hotel Gravas Lodge, they welcome guests with dogs for a holiday experience in the nature and romantic Lumnezia. At 1250 m above sea level, surrounded by the imposing mountains, there are not only beautiful hiking trails, but also a large, fenced-in dog playground, specific dog course weeks and relaxed rooms with feeding and drinking bowls as well as foldable dog boxes for dog owners looking for peace and quiet.

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Seehotel Moldan Germany

The Moldan family in Postmünster can be happy about the place in the overall ranking. The Seehotel Moldan, which has existed since 2010, only accommodates guests with dogs. All well-behaved dogs are always happy to be asked – Please take your dog off the leash! The highlights are above all the bathing options, because the pool right next to the hotel can be used by both four-legged and two-legged friends. And only 200 m away there is a lake. The area around the hotel is fenced.


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