2 Travel Destinations That Are Suitable For Families In 2021

Planning for the next vacation with the family is on your list, but the choice for travel destinations with children is large. The question inevitably arises: Travel with children – but where to? Would you like to take a vacation with the children by the sea or would you prefer to go to the mountains? And there are a few things to consider when vacationing with children:

The hotel should be children friendly, the beach clean and access to the water safe. In addition, the temperatures should not be too high and the journey should not necessarily take more than three hours. The budget is also a decisive reason for many families. Early booking and countries like Denmark or the Canary Islands can be a good option for a cheap summer vacation with children.


The scandinavian country is a good travel destinations with children who rely on their own car when arriving. Depending on where you live in Europe, the arrival time is very comfortable and can also be arranged with small children. The country between the North Sea and the Baltic Sea is suitable for holidays with children both in the hot months as a beach holiday and in the colder seasons.

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Canary Islands

The Canary Islands are great for a vacation with children by the sea. Because they offer warm temperatures and little rainfall all year round. So you can choose the travel time, depending on the age of your children. Even if the flight time is a little longer at around five hours, the journey is still pleasant. A few books let the time fly by in the truest sense of the word. Many possibilities for excursions, where you stay indoors, are offered. Thanks to their wide and gently sloping sandy beaches, they offer the right environment for your next vacation with children. When the children get a little older and a little more action is on, the largest island Tenerife is also a suitable destination for the whole family. In the south you will find many hotels and various national parks.

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