Spain Travel Destination Ideas In 2021

You are planning a vacation in Spain, but you do not know exactly which Spanish holiday travel spot to aim for? Not surprising, because Spain is also a large country. To make your decision easier, you will find below the advantages of the travel destinations in Spain.

Fancy Holiday In The Balearic Islands?

The Spanish Balearic Islands are and will remain an evergreen among the most famous travel destinations. Europeans in particular appreciate the warm and mild climate. In addition to the four inhabited islands, the group of islands also includes hundreds of other uninhabited islands.


Lots of sun, blue as far as the eye can see and beaches like from a picture book. Tenerife is not one of the best holiday destinations in Spain for nothing. The right time to travel to Tenerife is between Autumn and Spring. So it’s best to turn your back on cold weathers. A feature of the island: In winter, snow can even fall in the higher areas. So you can go skiing in the morning and then relax on the beach in the afternoon.



If you are drawn to the south, then Andalusia is your destination, because you cannot go further south in Europe. The area lies exactly between the Atlantic and the Mediterranean Sea and therefore attracts visitors with its unique flora. But city travelers will also be delighted: There are countless, extraordinary places to discover and it is not uncommon to find a UNESCO heritage here.


The port city on the Mediterranean is still an insider tip, especially outside of Spain, but it competes well with its big sisters Madrid and Barcelona. With almost one million inhabitants, Valencia is quite manageable and at the same time unique: Here you will find a mix of history and architecture in a very small space. The nightlife is also great and takes place mainly at the port and in the El Carmen district. The wide sandy beaches right in the city and last but not least, the mild, sunny weather – Here visitors can spend an exciting and relaxing city trip. For example, a weekend trip to Valencia.

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