Travelling Ideas For Nature Enthusiasts

After a long year of uncertainty and entry requirements, there will be the most popular travel nature destinations in 2021-2022. Most of the destinations are very historic and the population is very friendly. The short way to get there is probably also decisive during the pandemic to land in the top of the most popular travel destinations for tourists.

The resorts scores with excellent cuisine and a great location on the sandy beach and blue sea. These are the ideal destinations for families and couples.

Petra, Jordan

At number one on our cutting-edge is the rock city of Petra. Movie fans may know the capital of the former Nabatean kingdom from the hit films. The authors of the list describe the sandstone city as mystical and rave about the temple facades and rock tombs, which glow a dark red in the late afternoon. You can even visit Petra in Jordan at night – on foot or on horseback.


Galapagos Islands

Nature and animal lovers will feel like they are in the Garden of Eden in this island with volcanoes and rainforest. In addition to the world-famous giant turtles and finches, there are around 90 min. flight from the coast of Ecuador in the Galapagos to discover dolphins and many rare plants. Of the 130 islands in the Pacific, only five are inhabited. Due to their location, the Galapagos Islands are beautiful all year round.

Okavango Delta

The world’s largest inland valley of the Okavango River is one of the most impressive landscapes on the continent. The many lagoons and islands in this unique place are simply breathtaking. In this water-rich natural location in the otherwise rather barren Botswana, animals cavort in the waters. On land, lions and rhinos can be admired on guided tours.

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Yellowstone National Park

Unique spectacles, endless expanses and a diverse fauna await you in Yellowstone Park in Wyoming. There are around 10,000 hot springs in the world’s oldest park, including hissing geysers and smacking mud pits that give off a pungent smell of sulfur. But the stench is more than made up for by the magnificent views and the play of colors. The largest thermal spring in the USA glows in the most beautiful colors because of bacteria.


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