Travel Destinations For September In Europe

Let yourself be inspired by these suggestions that we have put together. Destinations for day trips, short breaks, city trips and vacations in Europe that can be achieved with reasonable effort – especially for vaccinated people:

Lake Iseo and Franciacorta

Because of the favorable downward winds from the north, Lake Iseo has developed into a small destination for sailing lovers. Bathing – the water temperature is still sufficient this month – is possible on smaller pebble beaches and lidos. If you don’t steer your own boat, you can take a boat to the Isola, the largest island of all southern European lakes and a member of the most beautiful places in Italy. In the east, the summit of Monte Guglielmo can be reached on a hike of around two and a half hours from the Croce di Marone. From a height of almost 2000 m, the view sweeps across Lombardy.

The Franciacorta connects to the south. The sparkling wine of the same name is produced in this area, which is the only sparkling wine in Italy to carry the highest quality and resembles in style and production. The pioneer was G. Berlucchi, who founded his winery in 1961 – and triggered a popularity. The company’s headquarters are in the Lana Palace from the 16th century. The historic wine cellars can be explored on tours with tasting.

E-Biking In Switzerland

Against this backdrop of 4.000 m peaks, cycling is a lot of fun, especially with electric assistance. The mountaineering village of Grindelwald and its surroundings can be discovered every Wednesday afternoon on an e-bike pleasure. The trip, accompanied by a local, runs at the foot of the Eiger north face.

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One of the most well known destinations in Europe is the capital in the Czech Republic. The centuries-old Golden City attracts visitors with highlights such as the castle, the Charles Bridge over the Danube and one of the oldest synagogues in the world. Less well-known is the exhibition palace, built in the 1930s in a purely style, in which the Gallery shows works of art from the 19th, 20th and 21st centuries. Gourmets come to Prague for amazingly inexpensive pleasures that go beyond the national cuisine.


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