Is Travel Insurance Worth It?

You can buy travel insurance and trip insurance for both domestic and international travel. If you are going to travel abroad and are going to a country where you need to enter with a visa, your insurance will already be a prerequisite for the visa.


According to the coverage of the travel insurance, you will receive, the things you will receive in return will be more or less accordingly. If you had to cancel your flight for some reason, the cancellation will not be a problem for you, according to your insurance agreement.


If you do not cancel your flight, insurance will cover your expenses such as a cancellation related to the airline company, accommodation, etc. if there is a long term delay.

Is Flight Insurance Worth It?

People often think that when they go to a visa-free country, they think they will not need travel insurance. For example; You will go to Thailand, a visa-free country. There is a possibility that you will encounter many problems.


For example, there are diseases that your immune system is not accustomed to, stomach problems that may result from different food and hygiene culture. If you have to go to the hospital because of these, the amount you will pay will reach thousands and tens of thousands. You should not forget that the costs of the hospital will be so because the country you are visiting is cheap.


So, is flight insurance worth it? From this point of view, flight insurance offers you a great advantage due to the coverage it contains. It protects you against the problems you will experience during your travel.

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Is Trip Insurance Worth It?

In many countries, hospital costs can be regulated separately and higher for foreigners. You may be faced with theft, not just any health problem. In this case, your insurance will also cover the costs incurred in the loss of stolen items.


The coverage of trip insurance for the visa is not very wide. Therefore, it would be an advantage to have comprehensive insurance in addition to the insurance requested by the consulates.


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