Dog-Friendly Days Out Around Sydney

The dog is our best friend. But for most owners, all other pets also count as four-legged best members. That’s why it’s all the more difficult to decide whether to leave your beloved pet at home or take it with you on a holiday trip. You have to make this decision depending on the animal and the travel circumstances – what can I expect of my animal and what not?

Dog playgrounds and public free-running areas for dogs offer the animals and their owners the chance to enjoy leash-free play moments in a specific area. In addition to a basic area in a park, there are also creative playgrounds with obstacles for training or materials built into the environment to offer the dogs creative tasks and challenges. In this compilation we have listed the most important details about traveling with animals, especially to Sydney. However, I am mainly referring to traveling with a dog , as more extensive regulations apply.

Which Dogs Can You Take To Australia?

Not all dogs can be imported from Europe to Australia without problems. The entry regulations state the following for the import of four-legged friends:

  • The dog must not be more than 30 days pregnant.
  • At the time of export, he is no longer allowed to suckle young.
  • The dog must not be one of the prohibited dog breeds or cross-breeds in Australia.
Dog-Friendly Days Out Around Sydney
Dog-Friendly Days Out Around Sydney

The Bay Run

This is a great route for those looking for some exercise. It’s a paved trail used by runners, cyclists and everything in between. You won’t find isolation here, but if you’re looking for an easy stretch, this is a nice spot. The Bay Run follows a paved path around much of, including many local parks around Sydney. Gorgeous water views stretch the entire length of the circuit and there are plenty of chances to take a short break at tables or a toilet.

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Accessibility: Trail surface is paved and usually at least 2 m wide. There are some steep areas where the estimated gradient is over 10%, so wheelchair and stroller users may need assistance. Users have reported that the steepest section is up the hill to the Iron Cove.

Bridges Walk Sydney

This walk is the course for an event to raise money for the whilst being a great way to see the bridges and many parts of Sydney Harbor and its suburbs if you are after a quiet bush walk looking for, this is not the greatest variant. This is a challenge for those who want a long walk and want to see a lot of Sydney in one day with their pets.

The loop connects Sydney’s seven famous bridges, as well as other landmarks along the way such as the Barangaroo Reserve, Darling Harbour and the amazing views from all the bridges along the way. The bridges along the way are all interesting including some steel truss bridges and the listed steel through arch bridge.


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