3 Cities For A Spring Weekend Travel

We have prepared 3 short trips in spring for you and found them to be good. Whether you are traveling alone, planning a short trip with the children, or want to dive with your loved one for a weekend – our weekend travel options for Europe should help you to recharge your energy after the winter. And not just sun. We wish you a comfortable short vacation full of wonderful experiences!


In the very hot spring days, you prefer to do it like the locals and make sure you get to the sea – but otherwise it is a city all year round that casts a spell on everyone. The area around Gran Via and Puerta del Sol is of course a must-see, and you should also plan a trip to the Prado. What makes this city really nice are the many tapas bars, in which the evening can be spent in the most pleasant way. The Lavapie district, which is currently on the upswing and the narrow streets around the Chueca Metro have the perfect places to go.

Weekend Travel


St. Petersburg

Perhaps the most fascinating thing spring has to offer: the eternal days in the north, this light that doesn’t want to go away. Unusually awake until late at night. Experiencing Saint Petersburg is something very unique. It doesn’t take much – a bar with a view of the Neva, a pleasant traveling companion and the night goes by in a flash. You almost force yourself to sleep a few hours in order to still be able to use the day. The Catherine Palace and the Paul Fortress testify to the size of this city and the incredible art in the Hermitage is simply a must see.

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Great pubs, venerable cathedrals and the old library make a good mixture for a city break. On a weekend travel you can easily explore the city center on foot. Of course it is also nice if there is still time to explore the surrounding area, but Dublin is also great for a pure city trip.


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